World Aero COVID-19 operational status

During the global outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, World Aero is committed to reducing the impact to what we consider ‘normal’ activities for our customers, employees, their families, neighbours and the wider population. We currently have some staff working from home, some employees in isolation after international travel and for the remainder of our team, temporary working procedures in place to help mitigate risk.

So whilst we’d like to say ‘business as usual’, we’re as close to that as we can be. Should anything change, chances are the news headlines will precede our actions but we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATED 24th MARCH 2020 – following the ‘lockdown’ of the United Kingdom, World Aero presently remains fully operational. We have further enforced social distancing and enhanced hygiene and cleanliness within our facility which remains in a secured state.