Arabian Aerospace December 2018

MEBAA Show 2018
‘No stress’ wheel and brake solution from World Aero: download a PDF of the article

Peace of mind is a strong driver for preventative maintenance, and nowhere more so than in corporate aviation. First-time MEBAA exhibitor, World Aero (stand 766), applies this principle to wheels and brakes with a winning formula of fast, friendly and efficient service that’s making inroads in the Middle East.

Chief Executive, Phil Randell, says the normal practice in commercial aviation, where replacement parts are strategically stockpiled, is to leave wheels and brakes on the wing until they have only a day or two of operational life remaining.

In corporate aviation, operators more often take advantage of scheduled downtime to replace parts. “Rather than leaving a wheel on the aircraft until it’s worn out, they get the work done in good time and, for the rest of the year, don’t have any issues,” said Randell.

“Business jet operators don’t want the hassle of a leaking brake or worn-out tyre when they’re down-route, so owners are happier to carry out preventative maintenance. They sacrifice a little value for no stress further down the line. “I’m not saying money is no object in business aviation, it’s just less cost-sensitive than civil aviation.”

Randell says customers email World Aero with when and where their aircraft will be undergoing maintenance, giving him time to ship units in for swap-out. The units replaced are refurbished at the MRO’s shop in Sussex, UK, ready for re-use. Its capabilities cover a huge swathe, including products from Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggitt and Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.

For corporate aviation, this is not a service that needs to be done on the doorstep, he said. That’s something he’s keen to explain to show-goers. “The feedback we hear is that business jet operators can’t always get the wheel and brake service they need in-region”.

Our clients find that sending their wheels and brakes to us is efficient, even with the cost of delivery. “For smaller corporate aircraft – the Gulfstreams, Globals and others – the product travels surprisingly well,” he said. Randell pointed out World Aero does “quite a bit of business” in the Middle East already, and although he’s not actively looking, he’s open to opportunities to partner with operators in the region, potentially leading to setting up another facility here.