WORLD CORPORATE – a bespoke MRO service

our wheel & brake service tailored specifically to the needs of corporate aviation

Successful, high-net-worth individuals and high-profile people use business jets and corporate helicopters to enable them to achieve things that commercial aviation simply doesn’t. Saving time, increased productivity, less hassle and better security, consistently rank as the prime reasons to use corporate aircraft, not to mention the exclusivity of private aviation. So it was clear that World Aero had to develop an MRO solution that matched the requirements of business aviation. We were told quite frankly that pushing a commercial wheel & brake MRO service to corporate jet maintenance providers, operators and crews just doesn’t work as the two worlds are so different. Based upon our senior management’s experience in both commercial and corporate aviation, this was clear to see.

So, in 2016 World Aero established ‘World Corporate’, a bespoke MRO service that has since become renowned in the UK, Europe and further afield for business aircraft wheel & brake repair and overhaul. With active customers in more than 30 countries, location dictates that not all of our repairs are ‘while you wait’ tyre changes. However, the world of corporate jet support is close-knit, and our reputation for understanding and delivering on customer needs has travelled well. This has not happened easily but has come as a result of knowledge, preparation, investment and something so often over-looked, communication.

As well as full capability on light, medium and large, long-range business aircraft and also helicopters. Our dedicated service has a loyal customer base operating heavy VVIP aircraft including Airbus ACJ319, A330/A340, Boeing 737 BBJ, 747, 777 and recently 787. These aircraft may look like airliners but that’s where the similarity ends and like their owners, operators and passengers, we understand that.

In response to our customers requests for enhanced service levels, World Corporate offers a variety of support options including: Fixed Price and Cost-Per-Aircraft-Landing. Furthermore, for aircraft on OEM support agreements (Smart Parts, ProParts, FalconCare etc), World Corporate integrates to ensure no duplication of costs. Finally, our repair and overhaul service is backed by a growing pool of quality exchange wheels and brakes, all with our CAA/FAA/EASA release and warranty.

World Aero’s ‘World Corporate’ service; providing engineering ability and enviable service levels to corporate aircraft operators whatever and wherever they fly.