Corporate aircraft AOG service

because business jets WERE not conceived for people who can wait

It takes confidence to remove a ship-set of brakes from a $60m Global Express and send them out for repair, knowing that they must be back in your hands within 24 hours to enable an on-schedule return-to-service. Or to pull a brake from a transiting Dassault Falcon owned by one of the world’s most prominent people and send it for a simple and cost-effective repair, rather than just order an expensive exchange with the OEM. Just two examples of urgent, high-profile repairs that World Aero has performed for valued customers who in turn, have earned the trust of the aircraft’s owners to seamlessly manage and maintain their aeronautical assets

Located close to London, England and the major business airports at Biggin Hill, Farnborough and Luton, our World Corporate service covers the whole of the UK, and through our logistics network – the wider world.

Most weeks see genuine AOG ‘while you wait’ tyre change orders come and go, and with our full in-house NDT capability, same-day overhauls with full strip, NDT and repaint are a common occurrence.